Nationwide Valuation Management

HVCC regulations state, in part, that:

We have the market coverage, the expertise and most importantly, we have a turn-key solution. At Terra-Val, we make the commitment to provide to our clients HVCC compliant solutions.

The environment has changed, but the mortgage industry is still a relationship business. Call us today and schedule a consultation.


We don’t beat you up on value. We don’t beat you down on fees. We don’t give information to AVM’s. We promise to treat you like the professional you are. We ask in return accurate values and superior service.

Superior service doesn’t always translate to a ridiculously quick turn time. Tell us where you are on the valuation process and make sure to keep us updated. HVCC doesn’t have to mean the end of excellent client service, and communication is the key. We can’t maintain clients without effective communication, and we depend on our approved appraisers to effectively represent Terra-Val.

To be approved with Terra-Val, we ask for the following qualifications:

We are currently taking applications for preferred appraisers in many markets. Contact us for more information.


What is a national appraisal firm? Too often it means unresponsive and slow.

The problem is that too many AMC’s use their market weight to impose low fees on their appraisers. When their appraisers get too busy, guess which orders get finished last?

At Terra-Val, we focus on valuation management. We don’t beat up our appraisers for lower fees. We treat them like professionals, and we expect professional service. With a Terra-Val appraiser, you can expect someone who will represent your company well.

Take a look at our services and let us know when you’re ready for a valuation management company you can work with.


We offer a full spectrum of valuation services at Terra-Val, from ERC compliant relocation to consultations to 2055 and 704 drive-by reports.  We offer commercial reports as well on a per bid basis.

All we want to do is help you close loans.

Please contact us for more information.  Or, use our online ordering system to begin working with us.


I’m a lender and I’d like to hear more about what Terra-Val can do for me and my company.

I’m an appraiser and I’d like to be considered for the Terra-Val fee panel.

Or give us a call at 913-667-4144. You’ll reach a real person with no automated voices or menu prompts.


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